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Transportation and Infrastructure are important, they are the lifeline and backbone to so many other critical industries such as healthcare, food, public safety, etc. Transportation affects so many of our citizens on a daily basis which is why the issues needs to be address.


Sponsored Legislation (pending)

  • Transportation Champion- Transportation for Illinois Coalition
  • Advocating for funding, IDOT, CDOT, Metra, RTA, CTA, etc. Phase 1 funding to improve traffic flow on 95th & Stony Island
  • Meetings with Transportation Coalition
    • Funding Illinois’ Transportation System Responsibly
    • On a crash course: The Dangers and Health Cost of Deficient Roadways
    • The Transportation Challenge: Moving the US Economy
    • Growth in Highway Construction and Maintenance Costs
    • Future Needs of US Surface Transportation System
    • Revenue Sources to Fund Transportation Needs
    • National Rail Freight Infrastructure Capacity and Investment

Education is fundamental and essential for our children. In order to strive for a successful future and stable economy, the State of Illinois must invest in our students and expand educational opportunities.

Taking Action:

  • EVANS host collaborative meetings with school board superintendents and school board members
    • Meeting with south suburban school districts from the 33rd District to discuss education funding
    • State Board of Education, Advance Illinois, Stand for Children, South Cook County Suburban School District Superintendents
  • Participation of Principal for a Day program- Provides opportunities for principals and other administrators to build and refine relationships with their State and Federal legislators. This allow the legislator to experience the day to day of our school system operations.
  • Education Tour and Student Exchange
    • Topic of meeting discussion (pending)
    • Researching and initiating innovative approaches to help families cover the cost of tuition.
  • Advocating for fairness in education (Curriculum, Funding, Programs, High Education, Special Education, Early childhood education and Child Care)

Our current economy have put many of the people of Illinois in challenging situations, whether it is job independence or economic independence. The State of Illinois has a civic duty to provide residents with streamlined access to integrated services, to those who face multiple challenges to self-sufficiency.

Taking Action:

  • First General Assembly Cancer Caucus
  • Annual Participation of Advocate Trinity Nursing Legislative Forum
  • Evans helped pass a budget that:
    • Fully funds the Community Care Program, which helps seniors stay in their homes and provides lifesaving care for elderly residents.
    • Provides $75 million to fund affordable child care for working families.
    • Fully funds breast cancer screenings, domestic violence shelters and other lifesaving services for women in need.

Our current Criminal Justice system can be viewed as broken, flawed or unjust. There is an uphill battle with correcting how the law is interpreted; legislation must be fair and just. Public Safety is critical to our livelihood; Police, Fire, Paramedics (EMTs) are our first responders. We must insure they are funded, trained and have extensive resources.

Taking Action:

  • Advocate for criminal justice reform
    • Participating member of Cook County State’s Attorney Steering committee -
      Monthly meetings discussing current crime, criminal justice issue, events and legislative changes at both County and State levels.
  • Development of a Criminal Justice Reform Advisory Council for the 33rd District
  • Evans various criminal justice reforms work to reduce recidivism and help ensure that released inmates have opportunities to thrive and avoid returning to prison.
  • Evans supported HB5830, which amends the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act
    • Provides that on or after the effective date of the amendatory Act, any provision in a collective bargaining agreement applicable to peace officers that does not pertain directly to wages or benefits, or both, is declared to be against public policy and unenforceable.
  • Evans brought forth HB5352, Cannabis Offense Expungement
    • which modifies a section of the Criminal Identification Act concerning expungement, sealing, and immediate sealing. Defines the term "cannabis offense" to mean a violation of the Cannabis Control Act concerning any amount of any substance containing cannabis.
    • Calls for the expungement of cannabis offense-related records.
    • Amends the State Finance Act to make a conforming change.
  • Evans is standing up to the NRA and demanding stronger gun safety laws. He helped pass legislation to crack down on deadly military-style assault rifles, ban bump stock modifications that turn semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic firearms, and hold gun dealers accountable to ensure dangerous criminals and those with a history of mental illness or domestic violence cannot obtain guns.
    • HB 1465, which cracks down on assault rifle was amended in the Senate and is waiting for a vote in the House.
    • HB 1467, which bans dangerous bump stucks was amended in the Senate and is waiting for a vote in the House.
    • SB 1657, which held gun dealers accountable for selling guns to criminals was vetoed by the governor.

A vibrant economy in a necessity to create new jobs and retain current jobs. Improving our business environment requires working together by supporting and creating innovative initiatives
to revitalize, grow and improve our local economy.

Taking Action

  • Evans filed HB5046 Property Tax Redemption, which amends the Property Tax Code.
    • States that the $80 fee paid by tax purchasers is non-refundable. Reinstates provisions imposing a 5% fee on taxes, interest, and penalties due at purchase.
  • Evans sponsored and voted to pass Senate Bill 81, which would gradually increase the minimum wage to $15 over the next few years.
    • Evans is backing a progressive income tax.
      • The current, regressive tax system burdens working families and gives a free pass to the ultra-wealthy. Billionaires like Bruce Rauner and Donald Trump have not been paying their fair share, and the middle class has had to pick up tab.
      • Evans’ proposal more dollars in to the pockets of working families, improve our local economies, support small businesses, and create jobs in our communities.
    • Evans is leading the fight against President Trump’s unfair tax plan that raises taxes on middle-class families in Illinois to hand out big tax cuts to billionaires like himself and big corporations.
      • Evans backed House Bill 4237 which helps working families keep more of what they earn while making the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share by working to pass a plan that protects middle-class families from the Trump Tax.

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