In 2021, Rep Evans led the passage of the historic Clean Energy and Jobs Act. This bill puts Illinois on the road to be more sustainable and energy efficient.

Sponsored HB664 which would provide low-income children FREE transportation to school. Our families and children should not have to worry about bus fare on their way to school.

Rep. Evans introduced HB5710, which would create a State Cannabis Commission. This would allow enable a diverse group to influence the oversight, licensing, registration of the cannabis industry.

Rep Evans Chief Sponsored HB4423 which does not allow Child Support is not considered when applying for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits. It would also increase the maximum TANF benefits to 50% of the federal poverty level guidelines.

Rep. Evans led the charge with HR0675 to address cancer health equity and health disparities in Illinois. This will happen by providing strategies that reduce the risk of cancer and improve the lives of Illinois residents diagnosed with cancer.

Rep. Evans led the House Passage of SB2981, which allows construction companies to use the Design-Build Construction Model. This will save tax payers money by streamlining the construction procurement process.

Rep Evans Chief Sponsored HB0645 which creates a taskforce of labor leaders, business leaders, and elected officials that discussed the current state of jobs today, while paving the road for jobs of the future. Rep. Evans was also appointed as Co-chair of the taskforce, contributing with strategic, forward-thinking ideas to improve our communities.

Rep. Evans Chief Sponsored HB3662 and HB4435 which provides disability benefits for firefighters who develop MRSA as a result of work. This type of bacteria causes infection that is more common in firefighters and emergency medical technicians. Rep. Evans believes in supporting our first responders and their families with the resources they need.


Rep. Evans served as the House Sponsor for SJRCA0011 which Amends the Illinois Constitution and provides workers across Illinois the fundamental right to organize and bargain collectively. Rep. Evans strongly believes in the rights of workers to organize, and took immediate action to defend this right for all Illinois residents.

Protecting the environment is essential to ensuring the long term health of the planet. By protecting the long term health of the planet now, we are making a cleaner and healthier planet for future generations. One way to achieve this is by making sure that our useful soil is not contaminated.

Taking Action:

Rep. Evans helped sponsor HB0653 - Environmental Protection Act - Groundwater Monitoring

Rep. Evans was also a key house sponsor for HB0633 - Vegetable Garden Protection

Childcare is ensuring that children and families have the necessary resources to provide a safe, nurturing environment for our children's future.

Our current Criminal Justice system can be viewed as broken, flawed or unjust. There is an uphill battle with correcting how the law is interpreted; legislation must be fair and just. Public Safety is critical to our livelihood; Police, Fire, Paramedics (EMTs) are our first responders. We must insure they are funded, trained and have extensive resources.

Taking Action:

Advocate for criminal justice reform

Evans various criminal justice reforms work to reduce recidivism and help ensure that released inmates have opportunities to thrive and avoid returning to prison.

Evans brought forth HB5352, Cannabis Offense Expungement

  • Which modifies a section of the Criminal Identification Act concerning expungement, sealing, and immediate sealing. Defines the term "cannabis offense" to mean a violation of the Cannabis Control Act concerning any amount of any substance containing cannabis.
  • Calls for the expungement of cannabis offense-related records.
  • Amends the State Finance Act to make a conforming change.

Evans is standing up to the NRA and demanding stronger gun safety laws. He helped pass legislation to crack down on deadly military-style assault rifles, ban bump stock modifications that turn semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic firearms, and hold gun dealers accountable to ensure dangerous criminals and those with a history of mental illness or domestic violence cannot obtain guns.

  • HB1465, which cracks down on assault rifle was amended in the Senate and is waiting for a vote in the House.
  • HB 1467, which bans dangerous bump stocks was amended in the Senate and is waiting for a vote in the House.
  • SB 1657, which held gun dealers accountable for selling guns to criminals was vetoed by the governor.

A vibrant economy in a necessity to create new jobs and retain current jobs. Improving our business environment requires working together by supporting and creating innovative initiatives
to revitalize, grow and improve our local economy.

Taking Action:

Evans filed HB5046 Property Tax Redemption, which amends the Property Tax Code.

  • States that the $80 fee paid by tax purchasers is non-refundable. Reinstates provisions imposing a 5% fee on taxes, interest, and penalties due at purchase.

Evans sponsored and voted to pass Senate Bill 81, which would gradually increase the minimum wage to $15 over the next few years.

Evans is backing a progressive income tax.

  • The current, regressive tax system burdens working families and gives a free pass to the ultra-wealthy. Billionaires like Bruce Rauner and Donald Trump have not been paying their fair share, and the middle class has had to pick up tab.
  • Evans’ proposal more dollars in to the pockets of working families, improve our local economies, support small businesses, and create jobs in our communities.

Evans is leading the fight against President Trump’s unfair tax plan that raises taxes on middle-class families in Illinois to hand out big tax cuts to billionaires like himself and big corporations.

  • Evans backed House Bill 4237 which helps working families keep more of what they earn while making the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share by working to pass a plan that protects middle-class families from the Trump Tax.

Evans sponsored and voted to pass HB0414 concerning Water and Sewer Assistance:

  • The bill creates the Water and Sewer Financial Assistance Act.
    • The act allows for the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to institute the water and sewer assistance program.
  •  Also provides that any resident of Illinois whos household is below a certain income can apply for assistance.

Evans Filed bill HB0665 regarding the Entrepreneur Assistance Center:

  • This bill amends the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Law of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois.
    • In turn, the department is now required to establish and support entrepreneurship assistance centers at career education agencies and not-for-profit corporations.


Education is fundamental and essential for our children. In order to strive for a successful future and stable economy, the State of Illinois must invest in our students and expand educational opportunities.

Taking Action:

EVANS host collaborative meetings with school board superintendents and school board members

  • Meeting with south suburban school districts from the 33rd District to discuss education funding
  • State Board of Education, Advance Illinois, Stand for Children, South Cook County Suburban School District Superintendents

Participation of Principal for a Day program- Provides opportunities for principals and other administrators to build and refine relationships with their State and Federal legislators. This allow the legislator to experience the day to day of our school system operations.

Education Tour and Student Exchange

  • Topic of meeting discussion (pending)
  • Researching and initiating innovative approaches to help families cover the cost of tuition.

Advocating for fairness in education (Curriculum, Funding, Programs, High Education, Special Education, Early childhood education and Child Care)

Helped to pass HB0012 regarding school district employees:

  • Employees who have worked for a certain amount of time over a specific time period shall be eligible for family and medical leave.
  • Operates under the same terms and conditions as leave provided under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993

Helped to pass HB0156 concerning Menstrual Hygiene Products

  • School districts are to make menstrual hygiene products available to students at no cost.
  • The products will be available in each bathroom of every school building.

Involved in passing HB0376 concerning Asian American History:

  • Amends the Courses of Study Article of the School Code.
  • Every public elementary and high school must now include a unit of instruction studying the events of Asian American History.

Rep. Evans understands the importance of quality energy policy and legislation for the State of Illinois. Leading the passage of critical legislation in this area is vital for the future of our state and environment.

Taking Acton


Chief Sponsored and Passed Historic Energy Bill SB 2408

  • On Thursday September 9th, 2021 the Illinois House of Representatives, Rep. Evans as the Chief House Sponsor, took a bold and historic step toward sustainable energy reliability and true clean energy by passing by-partisan bill SB 2408 with 83 votes.







  • Gov. Pritzker Signed SB 2408 into law on Wednesday, September 1
    5, 2021

Key Accomplishment and Goals of SB2408

  • Our goal with this bill is to create jobs and support workers transitioning into this green energy industry
  • Climate Change and Green Energy Impacts Include
  • Some Diversity, Equity and Consumer Protections are as follows
  • Ethical Standard strengthening aspects include



The environment is just as important to us as anything else. Without a healthy environment there would be no us. Taking care of the environment is just another step towards making the world a better place.

Taking Action:

Rep. Evans supported and voted to pass HB0633 regarding Vegetable Garden Protection:

This bill creates the Vegetable Garden Protection Act.

  • This act provides the right to cultivate a vegetable garden as resident of the state of Illinois.
  • It also permits state and local regulation of the gardens.

Supported and helped to pass HB0653 concerning Groundwater Monitoring:

Amends the Environmental Protection Act.

  • The Pollution Control Board must adopt the amendments to the rules adopted under specified provisions.
  • Requires groundwater monitoring at all clean construction or demolition debris fill operations and all uncontaminated soil fill operations.

Our current economy have put many of the people of Illinois in challenging situations, whether it is job independence or economic independence. The State of Illinois has a civic duty to provide residents with streamlined access to integrated services, to those who face multiple challenges to self-sufficiency.

Taking Action:

First General Assembly Cancer Caucus

Annual Participation of Advocate Trinity Nursing Legislative Forum

Evans helped pass a budget that:

  • Fully funds the Community Care Program, which helps seniors stay in their homes and provides lifesaving care for elderly residents.
  • Provides $75 million to fund affordable child care for working families.
  • Fully funds breast cancer screenings, domestic violence shelters and other lifesaving services for women in need.

Helped to pass HB0158 concerning Health Care & Human Services:

  • Creates and amends multiple Acts concerning healthcare in the workplace for the benefit of employees in Illinois.
  • Also creates benefits specifically for employees of color in order to establish equality in the workplace in terms of health.

Supported and helped to pass HB1779 regarding Insurance - Biomarker Testing:

  • Amends the Illinois Insurance Code
  • An individual or group health care service plan contract that is issued, amended, delivered, or renewed on or after January 1, 2022 will not require prior authorization for biomarker testing for an insured with advanced or metastatic stage 3 or 4 cancer.
  • Prior authorization will also not be required for biomarker testing of cancer progression or recurrence in the insured with advanced or metastatic stage 3 or 4 cancer.

Supported HB2595 regarding Insurance - Mental Health:

Amends the Illinois Insurance Code.

  • Provides that every insurer that amends, delivers, issues, or renews a group or individual policy of accident and health insurance shall provide coverage for medically necessary treatment of mental, emotional, nervous, or substance use disorders or conditions.
  • The same goes for a qualified health plan offered through the health insurance marketplace in the State and Medicaid managed care organizations providing coverage for hospital or medical treatment.

Co- Sponsored SB 0967 Regarding Pregnant and Postpartum Women

Requires the Department of Human Services to expand and update its maternal child health programs to serve any pregnant or postpartum woman identified as high-risk by the individual's primary care provider or hospital according to specified standards. Contains other provisions

The workforce is the backbone of our society and should not go unprotected and unappreciated. Everyday we work to ensure that employees in the state of Illinois have everything they need to continue to provide for themselves and their families.

Taking Action:

Evans filed HB0645 regarding the Future of Work Task Force: This bill creates the Illinois Future of Work Act.

  • This Act in turn creates the Future of Work Task Force and provides duties and responsibilities for the force.
  • The Task Force will work without compensation and shall be dissolved after the submittal of the final report.

Filed and received support on HB1428 concerning Public Employee Benefits: This bill amends the Illinois Pension Code.

  • Revises and changes a few definitions within the code for the better of Illinois employees.

Evans supported HB2521 regarding Employee Rights: The bill amends the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act.

  • Provides that showing interest in support of a petition filed for the purpose of selecting a labor organization as the representative of the employees in a bargaining unit may be evidence by electronic communications.
  • Such writing or communication may be evidenced by the electronic signature of the employees.

Supported HB2568 concerning the PSEBA Health Plan: Amends the Public Safety Employee Benefits Act.

  • Provides that a health insurance plan is limited to the insurance plan options codified in the employee collective bargaining agreement.
  • Or bargained upon with an authorized agent and subject to the grievance process.

Safety in our community is one of Rep. Evans' top priorities. Everyone should feel safe doing their day to day tasks in our community with no reason to be scared or frightened.

Taking Action:

Rep. Evans filed and voted to pass HB2408 regarding Fire and Smoke Damper Inspection:

  • The bill creates the Fire and Smoke Damper Inspection Act.
    • It requires inspections and testing of HVAC fire dampers and smoke dampers to be conducted by certified individuals.
    • These individuals must be certified by the International Certification Board and Accredited to comply with specified requirements.

Seniors are incredibly important to our community, and making sure that they have the resources they need is vital to community progress.


Rep. Evans sponsors HB4555 - Aging-Video Doorbell Rebate

  • This bill would establish a program to provide rebates for seniors to purchase and install video doorbells on their property. It would cover the cost of the video doorbell, cost of installation, and video recording subscription fees.

Transportation and Infrastructure are important, they are the lifeline and backbone to so many other critical industries such as healthcare, food, public safety, etc. Transportation affects so many of our citizens on a daily basis which is why the issues needs to be address.

Taking Action:

Sponsored Legislation (pending)

Transportation Champion- Transportation for Illinois Coalition

Advocating for funding, IDOT, CDOT, Metra, RTA, CTA, etc. Phase 1 funding to improve traffic flow on 95th & Stony Island

Meetings with Transportation Coalition

  • Funding Illinois’ Transportation System Responsibly
  • On a crash course: The Dangers and Health Cost of Deficient Roadways
  • The Transportation Challenge: Moving the US Economy
  • Growth in Highway Construction and Maintenance Costs
  • Future Needs of US Surface Transportation System
  • Revenue Sources to Fund Transportation Needs
  • National Rail Freight Infrastructure Capacity and Investment

Helped to pass HB0161 regarding Vehicle Code (Deposit of Security):

  • Suspended driver's license or registration and nonresident's operating privilege due to failure to deposit security shall stay suspended unless evidence concerning damages is provided.


Women are an invaluable part of our society. We must ensure their rights are protected and that they continue to have a strong voice in our society.

Taking Action:

Rep. Evans voted in support of HB0155 regarding menstrual hygiene products.

  • This is bill now allows menstrual hygiene products to be purchased with benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) program, and the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

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