Evans’ Bill to Protect Homeowners from Fraud Becomes Law

July 25, 2013 State Rep. Marcus C. Evans Jr.
Phone: 773-783-8492

Evans’ Bill to Protect Homeowners from Fraud Becomes Law

CHICAGO, IL – State Rep. Marcus C. Evans Jr. (D-Chicago) on Thursday issued the following statement after his measure protecting families from fraud by increasing penalties for criminals who file false liens on someone else’s property was signed into law:

“This new law will help protect families from criminals making false claims against their properties. Intentionally adding liens to someone’s property can leave unsuspecting homeowners liable for stifling debts and can prevent homeowners from selling their property. Anyone that takes advantage of hard-working residents and puts them at risk of losing their homes should be brought to justice.

“This measure increases the penalty for intentionally filing false claims from a misdemeanor to a felony, providing a more appropriate punishment to fit the crime. I thank the governor for signing this into law and I commend Cook County Recorder of Deeds Karen Yarbrough on her efforts to address this issue and protect residents from fraud.”

For more information, please contact Evans’ full-time constituent service office at 773-783-8492, e-mail repevans33@gmail.com or visit www.staterepevans33.com.

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