Rep. Evans Gets New Committees for 99th General Assembly

For Immediate Release

[Springfield, IL](February 2015)—Rep. Evans (D-Chicago) named Chairman of Economic Development & Housing Committee for the 99th General Assembly.

Rep. Marcus C. Evans, Jr. was honored to be selected and named chairperson of this committee, making it his first in his short tenure as a State Representative. Rep. Evans understands the importance of Economic Development and Housing, not just in the 33rd district but in the entire state of Illinois.

According to Rep. Evans, focusing and investing in the development of affordable housing would create a significant number of jobs, increase consumer spending, and lower the risk of foreclosures. Research reviewed on Economic Development & Housing confirms that investing in affordable housing can simultaneously help meet critical housing needs, stimulate local economies, and begin to address fiscal shortfalls.

In addition to being named the chairperson for the Economic Development & Housing Committee, Rep. Evans is also head of the following subcommittees; Economic Growth & Modernization, Senior & Veterans Housing Sustainability, and Single Family Homeownership Stability. Representative Marcus C. Evans, Jr. goal for this new committee is to push legislation that’s focused on creating jobs opportunities and stabilizing single family homes.

Other committees Rep. Evans has the pleasure being on include; Agriculture & Conservation, Appropriations-General Services, Business Occupational Licenses, Financial Institutions, Revenue & Finance as well as the House Education Task Force.

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