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Dialysis Patient Citizens (DPC) is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all ESRD (kidney failure) patients through education and advocacy.  We are is a national, non-profit, patient-led organization located in Washington, DC with offices in Chicago, IL and Sacramento, CA.

Kidney failure patients are particularly vulnerable to viruses and infections, and the COVID-19 pandemic is significantly impacting their lives. As I shared with you in April, we are providing our members with critical information they need to safely navigate through the pandemic since kidney patients must continue to dialyze as a matter of life and death.


Here are some helpful resources you can easily share with your constituents:

  • “Living Well with COVID-19, How to Cope and Manage your Emotions.”  This webinar focuses on stressors and mental health issues we are all experiencing.  The content is timely and useful for general public in addition to kidney patients.

  • The DPC Education Center website at https://www.dpcedcenter.org/ is dedicated to improving kidney patients’ quality of life and reducing the impact of ESRD through education and awareness of dialysis and kidney disease issues.  While the website can be translated into multiple languages via Google Translation, we also offer a dedicated Spanish section (https://www.dpcedcenter.org/resources/spanish/) for those who prefer to read content in Spanish.

  • The Kidney Citizen magazine provides timely information on a variety of topics.  Distribution is via mail and electronically at  https://www.dpcedcenter.org/news-events/the-kidney-citizen/  If you’d like to be added to the distribution list of this free publication, please reply to this email with your preferred mailing address.

As Illinois focuses on the needs of vulnerable populations in light of COVID-19, I urge you to keep ESRD patients in mind.  Kidney failure is on the rise and disproportionately impacts communities of color that already experience many health disparities.  Our members tell us that they depend on state resources such as Medicaid, transportation services, Chronic Renal Disease Programs, access to Medigap coverage and increased access to living organ donation.

Website:           www.dialysispatients.org

Get Educated:  www.dpcedcenter.org

Take Action:     www.kidneyaction.org

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